Course registration "Aesthetic Facial Surgery"

Participation fee:

cadaver people cadaver people 2 participants cadaver nouse per cadaver 150, 000 rubles per participant.

cadaver people  1 person cadaver nouse per cadaver 260, 000 rubles.

cadaver people Hands-off format — 50,000 rubles. 
In this format, the participant has access to the following: the theoretical part of the course; surgical demonstration on a cadaver material by Professor E. Yurshevich; attendance of the anatomy room WITHOUT practicing on the cadaver material.

Installment payments are available!
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The Cadaver courses are designed in a way that helps to understand anatomy in depth, using real material. The surgeons always tried to work in only safe anatomical spaces. In the anatomy courses, we could see those areas that we are so afraid of, practice new techniques without fear of harming the patient, and study the anatomy of dangerous and safe spaces in detail.
In this course, they broke down advanced facial surgery techniques that take into account the anatomy, maximise blood supply and give excellent long-lasting and safe results.
Everything took place in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The instructor was always there to give advice. We got even more out of it than we thought we would. Thank you!

Vedeslav Igorevich Sapegin

Thank you for the excellent course on rhinoplasty. I am very pleased!

Zoya E.


Thank you very much dear organizers and colleagues! All earthly blessings and great success in everything!!!

Shnargul T.


New knowledge and skills, thank you very much! Excellent course in facial surgery!

Alina A.




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