"Introduction to Microsurgery"

We offer an opportunity to take a step in mastering a multifaceted and extremely complex surgical technique as well as obtaining unique first-hand information from leaders of microsurgery in Russia. Skills in microsurgery are essential to progress and be up-to-date on the latest therapeutic methods in specialties like traumatology and neurosurgery, oncology, maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, and hand surgery. During the course, more than 80% of the time will be spent working with a microscope under the supervision of a team of experienced microsurgeons. After two intensive days, you are guaranteed to have learnt how to suture small-diameter arteries and veins (≤1 mm), and to isolate vessels from tissues. You will also get to understand the difference between a microsurgeon and an ordinary surgeon.


Two days of theoretical training and a total of 12 hours of work behind a microscope under the strict guidance of experienced microsurgeons.

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◉ Tissue dissection;
◉ Vascular suture technique;
◉ Formation of end-to-end, and end-to-side anastomoses;
◉ Vascular suture – veins;
◉ Vascular suture - arteries;
◉ Nerve suture.

Course registration "Introduction to Microsurgery"

Doctor – 45, 000 rubles.
Resident/medical student – 40, 000 rubles.

Bring copies of the following documents with you to the course (if available):

◉ University diploma;
◉ Specialist certificate and diploma;
◉ Passport - bio-data page (where the photo).



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Thank you for this unique course. It really makes you want to do microsurgery!


Surgeon, Moscow

I heard about this course from a colleague and decided to register for it. After two days of training, I became confident. Of course, this is not enough, but it is now possible for me to continue working in this direction. Thank you for a well-organised and coordinated work by your team. Through the course, you helped me understand that microsurgery is not just difficult, but is fun and interesting.

Maxim Skruba


An interesting, educational, and informative course! Very cool, and good organization. Special thanks to the instructors!

Marina Ivanovich


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