Баннер Микрохирургия продвинутый курс-ожидается

Practical course of the III stage of training "Microsurgery. Clinical Course”

You have already passed 2 courses of microsurgery training; the next step for you will be an internship in the operating room during the microsurgical stages of operations. Depending on the chosen specialty, we will draw up a 5-day individual training plan in a specialist department.

Reconstructive breast surgery:
◉ DIEP breast reconstruction – flap
◉ Augmentation mammoplasty
◉ Endoprosthesis selection
◉ Breast reconstruction with expander/endoprostheses
◉ Mastopexy, breast reduction
◉ Breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi flap (LDF)

Traumatology and Hand Surgery
◉ Hand reconstruction

Operations on nerves and blood vessels

Bone grafting
◉ Arthroscopy

Oncology and Maxillofacial Surgery
◉ Reconstruction of defects and deformities of head and neck organs using autografts

Registration for internship "Microsurgery. Clinical Course”

Doctor - 55 000 rubles.
Resident / medical student - 45 000 rubles.
* Upon registration, a link will be sent to the provided e-mail address in order to make payment for the training course.

Bring copies of the following documents with you to the course (if available):

◉ University diploma;
◉ Specialist certificate and diploma;
◉ Passport - bio-data page (where the photo).



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The last course reinforces knowledge. Responsibility and accountability!


Saint Petersburg

Had an extremely interesting experience in microsurgery.

Maxim G.


Thank you! I will develop further in this area. It was hard to say goodbye!




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